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Gender Reveal Dress

Finding out the sex of your unborn child is exciting news and these days couples are choosing to announce the news in varied fun ways. Holding a Gender Reveal party is a popular way to announce to friends and family. 

I was recently commissioned to make a dress for the Mother-To-Be to wear at her Gener Reveal party. 

She sent me a picture of the dress idea she had in mind.  She fancied a vintage style full skirt stripe dress with a bib collar over the sweetheart bustline.  The pictured dress had one glaring style challenge for a heavily pregnant woman. At 7 months pregnant she couldn’t expect to have the cinched waist look.  

Instead the dress was re-designed for an under bust look to allow for the expanded tummy.  

The client provided some simple blue and and pink cotton fabric and some off white for what was initially decided to be the non-gather d slip that would be visible between the handkerchief hemline gaps. She also provided white satin for the bib-collar and under bust/midriff band

At the first fitting it was noted that the off white did look off in contrast to the collar and the skirt dress was lacking the “umff” that a gathered petticoat slip would provide. 

So white cotton fabric was purchased and made into two layers of ruffles that was attached to the exiting off white straight slip. The ruffles now covered the incorrect colour and added the volume at the lower hemline. The result was very pleasing. Take a look!

Though the client chose to have a special dress

For the gender reveal party the dress itself did not play a part in revealing what is the gender of the baby. Maybe yours will?

So what is the gender of the baby?  The lady certainly looks like she is bursting to tell her news. 

Maybe you have some ideas of your own how your dress could reveal the gender of your baby or maybe you would just like a special dress made for the special occasion like this woman did.  

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