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Each year I have the pleasure of assisting young adult men and women look their best for their school Graduation Formal.

Custom Made Gowns... The services I offer include making custom made formal gowns for those struggling to find what they are after in the retail and online stores. We will discuss the style features, consider pictures of styles you have seen and I will take your body measurements. It is likely you will need to come for at least one other fitting to ensure the gown is made to fit you perfectly.

Custom Made by Deb in 2022

Alyssa’s grad gown was custom made and design by Deb in 2021

Custom designed & made 2021

custom made and designed by Deb 2021

  • Made for Amber 2018

Made for Rachael 2020

Alterations for perfect fit...

It’s quite usual that the dress or suit that you have purchased from a store doesn’t fit you perfectly. Sometimes it’s the length of the dress (despite wearing the highest of heels!!), or the length of men’s suit pants or jacket sleeves.

Other alterations may also be needed such as resizing the bodice or smoothing the hip line to ensure the gown is tailored just to your shape. .

Adding features such as creating or lengthening splits

Or adding a little bling around the waist to give that extra dazzle‼️

Come visit soon and this could be you ... thrilled at the results achieved by

Deb @ iSew4U

Men and Women come in different sizes! Hello! Sometimes the bodice of a dress (or top) is either too long or two short making the neckline saggy, shoulders falling off or the whole bodice can be dragging over bust line or causing excessive blousing when it should be fitted.

Some gowns have excess bra padding and some don’t have enough! Some plunge a little more than you might be comfortable with.

Gowns with long trains look beautiful walking on the stage or entering the reception but once the “party” starts you might want to bustle that train so you can dance and not worry about your dress being stepped on.

Some gowns with very full hemlines look stunning with “Horse hair” stitched into the hem to give the gown some added movement. Deb is very experienced in incorporating and altering gowns with Horse Hair.

The photos and videos here are just a few examples where I have assisted previous Graduates. I have the experience to undertake all alterations for all styles of garments. Even those covered in sequins 💖

The gown above has a hemline that has “horsehair”’ which creates a beautiful full and swirly skirt. It had to be shortened and therefore the horsehair had to be removed and reattached to the new hemline. the result was beautiful And the customer was very happy with this and the other resize to fit alterations.

Tailoring for men’s suits I also provide tailoring services for men’s formal suits. Altering the length of jacket sleeves and pants of a shop brought suit is quite standard. After all we come in all different sizes and the industry usually plays it safe by producing garments for the tallest people. It’s so much easier making something smaller than trying to make something larger.

Men’s pants can also be let out or taken in as required. Another request I am often asked to do is slim the widths of the pants. Particularly if the lower pant leg is flared and the young man prefers a more tapered straight pant leg.

The formal suit jacket is usually lined and has a false tab opening with several buttons on the sleeve . This alteration requires experience and skill to shorten the sleeves and return it to the original design state. You don’t need to worry - Deb has the skill and experience producing a very professional finish.

Other alterations include shortening shirt sleeves whether they be standard or French cuff. The sleeve shortening alteration will be accomplished yet undetectable. If required, the jacket can also be tailored to fit more closely and the length shortened. When purchasing suits I always recommend buying larger than smaller if you find your in between sizes.

I will also make men’s neck ties and pocket handkerchiefs - perfect to get a match with the date’s dress

Steaming formal wear I also offer professional steaming for formal wear. Steaming freshens garments, removes wrinkles and avoids damage caused by ironing delicate fabrics. This service is available for men’s suits or formal gowns whether other services have been provided by iSew4U or if you just require steaming.

I hope I have assured you of my level of experience and look forward to assisting you look your absolute best for your upcoming Graduation Formal.

For more information about all services offered, including repairs and alterations and custom made clothing, Visit Mob 0414 388 238 Email: