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Initially the “Drop-Sew-Go” service was created during the CoVID pandemic for a ”no- contact” service option.

The Drop-Sew-Go service is available for any sewing needs where a fitting is not required.


Some examples below: 

Pant hems

School uniform

Curtain hems

Zipper replacement



See advice how to prepare for drop off  


How it Works

Place your items in a bag which includes a note advising:


                                     Phone Number



Example:                   zipper replacement

                                   Hem pants as pinned

                                   Repair hole in jean pocket



Click the "Request Drop Sew Go Service" button on this page to initiate the use of the Drop Sew Go service and to discuss the expected completion time or collection readiness.

I will email your invoice for payment when items are completed and will SMS/call to arrange collection


Currently, you may drop off your items 7 days a week during opening hours in the Luna Liberty Boutique in Montville.
MONTVILLE - 7 days a week.

Luna Liberty Boutique

171/ 183 Main Street


Monday - Wednesday 10am - 2.30pm

Thursday & Friday 10am -4pm

Saturday 9am - 4pm

Sunday 9am -3pm

A second location will be advised shortly.

Clothes for Charity

How To Prepare for Drop  Off

(examples; not exclusive list)

Pant Hem

Watch Pant Hem video explaining 3 options how you can advise how much shorter you want your pant shortened by:

  • someone measures you

  • use an existing pant hem length

  • advise how much you want shortened by

Repairs; mend/darn/replace

The Drop-Sew-Go service is available also for items that require repair such as holes etc or replacement of zippers and elastic or any alteration/repair services that does not require a personal fitting.
Includes replacement zippers in clothing and cushion covers.

You can assist by putting a pin or even some sticky tape near the area that requires repair, eg on the inside left leg seam.  This will help me locate and attend to the correct repair you require.

School Uniform - skirts/dresses

Place ONE pin/peg in one area, usually just in front, to indicate how short you want the uniform length to be.
Or you can simply advise the amount, ie "5cm shorter" .
Make sure the wearer is standing upright and not leaning over when you do the fitting.

Curtain Hems

Please advise/indicate how much shorter you require the curtain to be by either method;

  • Folding one end at the desired length and putting pin/peg. Best done when curtains are already hanging so you can determine where you want it to finish.


  • Measure the length from the hanging fixture** to where you want the curtain to end and advise ie 213cm. Or


  • Advise how much shorter existing curtains needs to be eg 10cm

**Length is not necessarily the window size. Measure from fixture (usually above window) to where curtain will finish. eg, likely below window

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