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Clothing Alterations

Services Available 

Clothing Alterations

iSew4U will generallly do sewing of any kind for men, woman and children.  

Professional measurmenet service and steaming of formal wear is also available. 

Clothing Alterations

 Considerable experience assisting clients who have purchased items online and disappointed with the fit.  Alteration services includes (but not limited to):


  • HEMMING: Shortening (or lengthening) jeans, pants, dresses, formal wear, jacket sleeves etc.

  • Resizing (too big/too small)

  • Tailoring for better fit to shape

  • Replacing broken zippers in dresses and pants/jeans etc

  • Removal of unwanted features such as sleeves, collars, pockets,
    overlays, excessive lining/tuile

  • Attaching badges on uniforms such as sportswear, services etc

Specialising in tailoring existing items to fit you better or suit your style.

Below is a list of some example services.


Feel free to contact me to Make an Enquiry or SMS/call me on mobile 0414 388 238

Clothing Repairs & Mending

Clothing Repairs

When you have a wardrobe "malfunction' there's no need to throw out items that require repair!  Such repairs include, but not limitied to;


  • Darn/patch those favourite jeans, pants, shorts, torn dress

  • Replace zippers

  • Sew on buttons

  • Restitch strained seams 

See Deb's Sewing Blog relating to experience/examples of Repairs

Custom Made Garments

Custom Made Garments

Clothing items can be made from patterns,  from pictures or copies of existing items.  Contact me to discuss your requirements so I can provide a quote and advise on fabric type and quantities.

Some examples are:

Doreens jacket
mens shirts
mens pant copy fav
custom made pants
custom made sunfrock
made lil chef costume
childs dress
copied fav top
horse hair hemline alteration
custom made Grad gown
custom made wedding dress
childs cape costume
ladies dress
ladies top
ladies pants
special cape
ladies repeat tops
lace tiered skirt
mens shirt
custom made tartan skirt
ladies silk pants
Indigenous print shiftdress
wedding karne
top and skirt
something fun
ruffled lace layers
reversable baby outfit
baby layette
childrens clothes
baby dressing gown
Mother of Bride outfit
2012 debutant
akear wedding dress
formal dress
Ellens designer deb dress
group pic
coral bm dress
engaged gown tie
versace valentino
Rhianan white debutante
Bridal portraits
chinese dress

Click the Carasole below to view many examples of custom made items by Deb @ iSew4U

Soft Furnishings

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings include items such as

  • hemming curtains

  • making zipped cushion covers

  • making table runner, bed runners and placemats to your specifications. 

  • Memorbillia teddies, blankets


Simply email me your measurements and requirements so I can provide a quote for you

Read Deb's Blog on  "Favourite Soft Furnishings"

Online Orders

Online Orders

If you cant come to iSew4U Nambour Dressmaking and Clothing Alterations then we can come to you!  You may  post your sewing requirements to iSew4U for sewing that does not require professional fitting. You are likely to need to provide some written direction or mark the items accordingly, ie pin where to hem etc. Please provide a return post satchel so I may return the items when completed. Please contact prior to arrange for this service

Professional Measurements
Formal Wear Steaming

Professional Measurements

Proessional Measurements

Having your measurements taken professionally and accurately for onine clothing shopping or when needed for hiring bridal wear interstate ensures greater success for fit.

Steaming of Formal Wear

Steaming freshens your clothing items, removes wrinkles and avoids damage caused by irons.


Find out Why steaming by a seamstress is best

Storage of Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Storage

Once your clothing alteration is completed you will be expected to collect the item/s within two weeks of being notified.  If you wish to have the items stored or fail to collect items a storage fee of $60 a month will apply

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