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Bridal Wedding Wear Experience

I take great joy in contributing to your unforgettable moments. From crafting bespoke wedding gowns to refining dresses, bridesmaid ensembles, mother of the bride attire, and flower girl outfits—I cover it all.

Additionally, I specialize in creating men’s vests and neckties that perfectly complement the bridal party’s color scheme or match the bridesmaid dress fabric upon request.

Alongside custom tailoring and alterations for gowns and men’s suits, I provide expert steaming services for formal bridal wear, catering to everyone.

Explore some of my previous works showcased below, and don’t forget to check out the accompanying videos

(Above) Wedding dress replicated by Deb from picture provided for Rikkee Lee (2020)

Occasionally, the wedding dress you own may fall short of your expectations and require some enhancements to elevate its style and modernize its look.

Below, witness a dramatic transformation of a wedding dress, breathing fresh, youthful energy into its design. Alongside revamping the bodice, the dress underwent alterations to achieve a shorter length. Given its exquisite scalloped hemline, the entire skirt had to be raised at the waist for a seamless finish.

Garden wedding dress made by Deb @ iSew4U

Here is Brooke's exquisite gown meticulously crafted by Deb in 2022. Every inch of lace has been delicately hand-sewn, piece by piece, with meticulous care. The bodice showcases intricate lacework, with each tiny piece meticulously placed and sewn, resulting in a true masterpiece.🥇

Bree’s backless Bush wedding dress

Men’s vests - made to order

Watch the captivating video below featuring a stunning wedding gown meticulously crafted with multiple layers of tulle, organza, and satin. However, the highlight of this masterpiece is undoubtedly the exquisite hand-sewn lace appliqué work.

Men’s suit steaming

This bride requested I make her wedding dress a replica of a dress in Outlander.


Steaming of wedding dress - freshens and removes wrinkles.

A bridesmaid traveling to the Sunshine Coast for the wedding faced a dilemma just 24 hours before the ceremony. Her dress had acquired burnt holes from contact with the tail lights while stored in the car trunk. Dissatisfied with the excessive gathered fabric style, she sought my assistance. Swiftly, I removed the excess material with burnt holes and redesigned the dress to her liking. The bridesmaid was delighted with the outcome.

I made this gorgeous green bridesmaid dress as well as the “unique” brides outfit pictured below.

This bride requested I make her a fitted off the shoulder dress for her Bali wedding. Very appropriate style.

The bride entrusted me with creating a truly distinctive wedding ensemble. Below, you can observe the intricate details of the pants adorned with a delicate lace overlay. The charming bell sleeves, adorned with multicolored hearts, added an especially delightful touch to the outfit.

Made this Ballerina style wedding dress for bride.

Made this popular wedding dress style. Chiffon over satin with boned bodice.

I made the grooms vest and did alterations to improve the fit of the brides dress.

Curious about the relevance of this video to weddings? Well, the groom had a surprise in store for his bride: showing up dressed as a Gladiator. You simply have to watch to believe it! In fact, a segment of their wedding has been featured in this video.

I will make neckties for your groom/groomsmen.

Made this dress for a romantic bush wedding

And don't forget the Mother of Bride or Groom. Here is a lovely dress made by Deb for a thrilled MOB


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