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Copying existing clothing items.

I often get asked whether I can copy existing favourite clothing items. In most cases yes! Below are some examples of work copied from customers original items.

Favourite Blouses

Below are two examples of blouses that a customer asked me to copy for her. The pink blouse has a button cuffed sleeve and a yoke back with action pleat in the centre. The white blouse is the copy. The customer requested the copied top be 5cm longer in the body and 2cm longer in the sleeve. Interestingly the customer provided a large white bed sheet to make the top from because she like how soft the fabric was. I actually made two white tops from the bed sheet for her and they are lovely and soft. The cuffs, centre front facing and collar were interfaced to give it a firmer structure.

The black and white blouse has a longer round back and is slightly flared. The sleeve has a pretty round flounce attached from the elbow which is buttoned. The blue brown top is the copy.

Sometimes its not how pretty the item is but simply the style and comfort or even the sentiment. A customer wanted her favourite “gardening shirt”, which was originally her husband’s shirt, copied. She was so pleased she had several more made.

The 4 fabulous jackets for Karen

Karen, a new customer brought me her very old and worn out jacket for me to copy. It was clear it had some very interesting style features. A ruched collar and inserted zipped pockets. Love a challenge. She had also selected some very gorgeous fabrics and wanted four new jackets. Two copies of the old and two from a pattern she had found. Here are the results. (click to expand and scroll pictures)

Tiered ra-ra skirt for dancing! The blue skirt was the customers skirt that she wanted the style copied but did not want the trim (ric-rac). The fabric provided was a slinky stretch black with glittery red pattern. It made a beautiful skirt. Draping was a little different because of the heaviness and skinniness of fabric. Looked amazing. To be worn with multi petticoat underneath for rockabilly dancing 💃

Ruffles and gathered neckline dress

This dress was for an elderly lady in a nursing home. The dress style was an easy comfortable dress the woman liked wearing. The neckline has slight gathering making it very comfortable, easy to access and the woman felt “decent”. It also has a pretty ruffle feature on the hemline.

DAY WEAR TO FORMAL WEAR Do you have a favourite well worn (out) Day Dress in your wardrobe? It’s likely that you wear it so often because you’re so comfortable in the style. You might like to consider having the dress copied using a nicer more formal fabric to make the same style suitable for formal occasions. This very simple style day dress made in a light weight cotton was replicated in a beautiful bright chiffon and lined in soft satin. It’s bound to get many wears! 🤗 I can picture it for dinner dates, special lunches/shopping ventures or special occasions such as Christmas Day!

This was a customer’s favourite Country Road dress which I copied twice. The second version I removed the ruffle and added a contrasting trim to the curved hemline for a shorter adaption.

COPYING JEANS One of the hardest things to make, I find, is a good fitting pair of jeans. Well I am feeling very accomplished as not only am I able to make great jeans but recently I made a copy of a man’s existing jeans. These jeans (long shorts) were very unique and the male customer loved them because of they fitted like non other he could find. He apparently purchased them overseas many years ago. What I discovered as I drafted a pattern for these pants was they had an inner leg dart running down the inside thigh. This created a very fitted and comfortable pant. The original pants were made in velvet! The customer purchased navy medium weight corduroy which had a little stretch in them. The result was perfect. And I’m not the only one who thought so! The customer posted a lovely review on my google business listing. Here’s what he said...

And here are the “exact replica of an existing pair of pants which were a favourite”. I suspect these new pants are His new favourites now 👍

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