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Favourite Soft Furnishings

This blog is a collection of some of the soft furnishing projects I have undertaken for customers.



My favourite would have to be creating memorabilia pillows and teddy vests from the shirts of deceased loved ones.

These items make wonderful keepsakes for children of their fathers or grandfathers. I make the cushion covers and or vests from the former shirts using the original front tab button opening as the opening for the cushion cover and if the shirt has pockets it’s nice to leave them too. Makes it more about “daddy’s shirt”.

When I made the miniature vests for teddy bears I have attached the shirt brand name tag on the back of the vest. The last set I made for a customer the shirts were selected by which ever grandson/son had purchased the shirt as a present for their now deceased grandfather/father. This added to the memory.

Deceased Pillow/cushion and Teddy Vest Memorabilia loved ones memories

Memory Teddy Vests from loved ones shirts

Keepsake Blanket

Another customer requested I make a memorabilia keepsake blanket from her grandfather's shirts after he passed. Check it out and her reactions.

School stuff

I made large sheet bags to store and carry children’s bedding used at nap times in kindergarten. Similar smaller bags can be made for library books or whatever else you need to bag!

Sheet or library bags for school kids

Baby Layette

Perfect as a baby shower/birth present or can be adapted to suit occasions such as engagement gifts etc. Towels, facecloths and blankets can be embellished and/or bound with fabric to suit themes, matching sheets.

Baby layette personalised towels sheets baby shower gifts

The embellished towels and cot sheet below were made for a “monkey” theme.

Personalised baby towels sheets baby shower gifts

Cute As “Raggy Ann & Andy” theme towel, facecloth and sheet set

Appliqué T—Shirts for children’s book author Chris Collins “Funky Chicken”

Was asked to replicate the funky chicken character and appliqué it to black t-shirts that would be worn for book tour promotion.

Applique Funky Chicken T shirts customised

Curtains / Drapes

I regularly make curtains using fabric supplied by customer. I require the length and width of the window space so I can calculate and advise how much fabric and heading tape will be required.

I have undertaken large curtain tasks for theatres and Motels to smaller curtain jobs for campervans etc and everything in between!

I will also hem and repair existing curtains. I have undertaken a lot of work for Property Managers/investors for realestate businesses and owners/tenants. I endeavour to undertake this type of work in the shortest timeframe for minimal inconvenience.

You can use the Drop Sew Go service for these requests.

Curtains hemmed or made to order custom cushion covers

Cushion, Pillow, sofa Covers

Throw cushion with piping edge

Outdoor Furniture Makeover

I have made 100s of pillow and cushion and covered foam for sofas and chairs. I am not an upholster so I do not cover chairs that do not separate from the furniture fixture.

Usually I just require the length, width and height measurements of the item to be covered. Unusual shaped items may need to be brought to me in order for me to draft a template.

The opening options are velcro, zipper. Button/buttonhole, press studs or envelope fold over.

Customer to provide fabric. Outdoor fabric that is fade resistant is recommended for outside sofa cushions. Spotlight or Lincraft are good sources for soft furnishing materials.

Soft Toy Repairs

I often get to perform "surgery" on children's favourite soft toys and sometimes big kid's dolls clothes.


Click to see examples of other soft furnishing examples and customer reviews.

Something different

A customer requested a Guinea pig cage liner made from fleece! It's a "thing" apparently. Lol. Anyhoo,... I did it. Now that's I-Sew-4-U

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