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Initially the “Drop-Sew-Go” service was created during the CoVID pandemic for a ”no- contact” service option.

  • The Drop-Sew-Go service is available for any sewing needs where a fitting is not required.

Some examples below:

  • Pant hems

  • School uniform

  • Curtain hems

  • Zipper replacement

  • Mending

How it Works

Using the “Drop Safe Locker” which is a

4-door locker located on my front porch near front door

  1. Place your items in a bag with your name, mobile, & email contact details. Note your request ie “zipper” or “shorten pants 3cm”.

  2. Advise when service is required

I will contact you to advise when they are ready to collect. Your invoice will be emailed for payment.

Note: there is a form inside the locker for you to complete but I'm happy to accept your pre-written note but just ensure it has the necessary information.


I am able to provide pant shortening service without any physical contact if this is your preference. The video below explains 3 options how you can advise how much shorter you want them done by:

  • someone measures you

  • use an existing pant hem length

  • advise how much you want shortened by

Dress and skirt HEMS

If you are able to place ONE pin/peg in one area, usually just in front, to indicate how short you want the uniform length to be you can also use the Drop Sew Go service. Or you can also simply advise the amount, ie "5cm shorter" . Make sure the wearer is standing upright and not leaning over as you confirm the length desired.

Please advise/indicate how much shorter you require the curtain to be by either method;

  • Folding one end at the desired length and putting pin/peg. Best done when curtains are already hanging so you can determine where you want it to finish.

  • Measure the length from the hanging fixture** to where you want the curtain to end and advise ie 213cm. Or

  • Advise how much shorter existing curtains needs to be or 10cm

**Length is not necessarily the window size. Measurement advice relates to from fixture (usually above window) to where curtain is to finish (perhaps 5cm below window?)

The Drop-Sew-Go service is available also for items that require repair such as holes etc or replacement of zippers and elastic or any alteration/repair services that does not require a personal fitting.

Please call or Sms to advise me when you have dropped them off or if you need any other service assistance. Mob 0414 388 238

Please SMS/Call mobile 0414 388 238 or Email to arrange service requests.

Thank you


Go up the hill past the hospital away from town...* Turn right into Image Flat Rd off Mapleton road. * Turn left at large roundabout into Imagination Drv. * Continue straight thru the next small roundabout. * At the next small roundabout turn Left on Impression Drv * Turn right onto Presentation Blvd. iSew4U ✂️ is at 24 Presentation Blvd, Image Estate, Nambour QLD

For further information

Mob; 0414388238