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For the love of a good jumpsuit

As a dressmaker who needs to be kneeling lots to do fittings for customers (hems etc) its very convenient for me to wear shorts and pants.

This summer I have made quite a few shorts, play suits and jump suits from various patterns. This blog is about the two I made from New Look 6446.

I had been given a new bed sheet set to undertake a sewing project and found I still had plenty of fabric left over. A single sheet and contrasting pillowcases. Yes I’m being like Scarlet who made a dress from curtains in Gone with the Wind ( my fav movie)

Though the fabric was quite stiff and thick now I was a bit concerned that after several wears and washes it might become too thin. So I decided to under-line the whole suit and it worked a treat. It almost feels like wearing a comfortable denim!

New Look 6446 by iSew4U Nambour

I used the contrasting pillowcases to make the binding bands, the belt and the hip pocket. I love the result! I jokingly refer to this outfit as my prison breakout because I don’t usually wear stripes and having been brought up on Elvis Presley I can’t help but picture him wearing stripes singing Jailhouse Rock. It’s funny what odd things trigger old memories.

I decided to narrow the flare of the lower legs and make the length shorter by about 10cm and I’m glad I did.

For the second pair I chose some thicker cotton fabric that I got on the clearance line in Spotlight with olive green and orange chevrons. I chose to wear these on Christmas Day for the family lunch and they were perfect. I made these pant lengths and flare according to the pattern and liked how they turned out.

New Look 6446 iSew4U Nambour

Custom Made Pants and Jumpsuits ISew4U Nambour

I’m loving the strappy look for summer but it’s always a challenge when doing fittings on your self. I had to play around with the straps several times before I felt the length was just right and as much of the bra straps was covered.

More blogs on more of my jumpsuits, shorts and play suits to follow soon.

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