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Tailoring - What a Difference it makes!

Clothes brought off the rack are made to standardised size measurements. Well they are suppose to be! The idea, for example, if you are a size 10 you will have a certain size bust, a certain size waist and a certain size hips. But very few of us fit the standards exactly. We may have one but not necessarily the other standard proportions.

In addition there is “body ease” preference. A formula is applied to the garment pattern to allow a prescribed amount of drape and movement allowance between the garment and your skin. The issue is however, everyone has their own preference as to how snug they like their clothes around their bellies or thighs etc.

Then there is length. If you haven’t noticed we are not all the same size! Most garments are too long. They are made long to fit the jolly giants amongst us. It’s harder to make something bigger so it’s better if it is bigger or longer and then it can be made smaller.

Tailored clothes are made or adjusted to fit your shape and style preference. The end result should be a well fit garment. Tailoring can even make less expensive clothing items look great! It’s not just for the designer wear!

Here is a classic example. A bridesmaid received her online purchased bridesmaid dress. The dress was her size but it had way too much tuille and gathering for her liking. She is “vertically challenged”’ so the length of the dress made her look very grumpy. She also felt that showing a little cleavage wouldn’t hurt!

The pimped up and tailored bridesmaid dress turned out to be quite a beautiful dress and the woman felt so beautiful in it. A huge contrast to how she felt about the dress and herself when she first came to me for help.

Step out looking your best by ensuring your outfit looks it’s best.

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