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Bridesmaid Dress Disaster

Talk about Bridal Stress! Thought I'd seen and heard it all until a bridesmaid contacted me recently in a panic. Her bridesmaid dress got burnt from the car tail lights when travelling to the Sunshine Coast. Wedding was in 24 hours. Time for Deb @ iSew4U to step up...

The front of the gathered skirt part of the dress had many large burn holes. The bridesmaid was young woman with good figure and wasn't too happy with the style of the dress so the solution seemed very clear. I detached the skirt from the bodice and removed much of the excess fabric making it a smooth more fitted skirt with a sexy off side front split.

The back of the bodice had two very bad burn holes going right through the crepe fabric and the lining.. Thank goodness these holes weren't in the front given their position. I patched these using some of the excess fabric I had removed from the skirt. Abracadabra! (or Abraca-Debra!). Disaster diverted.

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