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Adaptive Special Care Clothing

Adaptive clothing designed for dignity and comfort for those with limited mobility or disability.

If you require clothing to be adapted to make dressing and changing easy or perhaps assist limited mobility or ease inconveniences as a result of incontinence, please contact me to discuss your needs. Together we can find a solution that will assist.

The following are  some recent examples or work previously done at the request by customers.

Split front opening pants

To enable ease of toileting for a gentleman in a wheel chair permanently, I have adapted existing track pants by creating a wide front opening that separates from the back without the back falling away. The wide front opening provided modesty and included a mock fly front so they looked just like ordinary pants.

Pants can be made in any fabric if your choosing. Satin is often a preference if they are to be slept in for ease of movement in bed.

Underwear to hold catheter pouches

Underpants with waterproof front and backs were modified to include two pockets in each hip that allowed the catheter pouches to be buttoned securely at the waistband, button holes were created to allow tubing to be inserted inside and small guides sewn in places to guide the tubes to correct openings.

If you have a need for clothing adaption please contact me to discuss. I’m confident we can come Up with something to assist.

For further information

mob 0414 388 238

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