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Men’s Tailoring

Men like to look great in their clothes too!

It’s amazing the difference well fitting clothes through tailoring can make. Deb at ISew4U is a very experienced Dressmaker and Clothing Alterationist providing tailoring services to both men and women.

This TWO PART post provides just a few examples of work completed for men.

Part 1. Alterations & Repairs

Part 2. Custom Made items


The most frequent alteration request is for pant hemming and resizing to fit baggy pants, either around torso or down the pant legs.

The next most popular request is to repair by patching and darning worn out favourite pants that look like their life is over or repairing expensive work overalls that have become ripped and worn from hard yakka! Deb@iSew4U restores them! It’s like an art-form!

Then there are those that want the button fly converted to a zipper. And visa-versa. It’s all good.



When it comes to weddings or formal wear Deb@iSew4U offers Professional Steaming so your suit is fresh and wrinkle free.

Male GRADUATES can have their off the rack purchased suit tweaked to ensure a great fit.

It’s very common for the length of suit sleeves to require alteration. An owner for 30+ years of a local men’s clothing retail outlet claims Deb@iSew4U is the “Best in the Business” in Men’s tailoring, particularly when it comes to tailoring those challenging suit sleeves with the many buttons and folds. High praise indeed!

Deb@iSew4U also expertly shortens business shirt sleeves and will convert French cuffs to standard cuffs if desired.


Deb@iSew4U has made a lot of men’s VESTS some quite unique.

Men’s NECKTIES are also popular especially when they are made with fabric that matches the bridesmaid or bridal party colours

These tartan PANTS were made with fabric the bride and groom chose and provided to each of their three groomsmen to have made up by their local dressmaker. Each groomsman lived in a different part of the world. Providing them with the special fabric ensures they would all have tailored pants that fit! Deb@iSew4U made these great fitting pants for the Sunshine Coast groomsman.

Deb@iSew4U has also made lots of SHIRTS for men you get to choose the fabric and the style and any features you like!

If you have a favourite pant that you can’t seem

to find in the shop Deb@iSew4U may be able

to replicate your favourite clothing item.

These SHORTS were copied from a customer’s old velvet shorts he had purchased years ago in the UK. He brought some stretch navy corduroy and loved the new comfortable fitting pants Deb@iSew4U made for him so much he had a second pair made! You can read his review below.

This is the second pair the happy customer requested Deb@iSew4U to custom make

Another male customer wanted me to copy his favourite Okanui pants. Okanui no longer make long pants. Checkout my interpretation and see the reaction from the customer

Below are a the "Gazman" 5 pocket style men's pants Deb copied for a customer

And then there is Playtime Or COSTUMES

Deb@iSew4U made these John Daly inspired golf pants using a flag the customer brought

The Race-Track character below is a regular

Customer of Deb@iSew4U He has several

of these types of suits he had made in Thailand Deb@iSew4U assisted in the overseas purchase by undertaking Professional Measurements Service and then later did any necessary alterations to ensure a great fit.

A groom wanted to dress as a Gladiator for his wedding day. You can see the outfit that Deb@iSew4U made and the surprise his bride got when he showed up at his wedding as the Gladiator Groom below.

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